About FairfieldNodal

Name your seismic challenge. We’re all answers.

Tight spaces. Sensitive environments. Harsh conditions. Elusive hydrocarbons. We know what you’re up against. For over 30 years, FairfieldNodal has developed, manufactured and put to the test exclusive seismic data systems and technology, helping clients around the globe streamline operations and achieve more definitive answers with less risk, both onshore and off.

We’ve become the preeminent experts in nodal technology as a result. Today, more and more explorationists, both large and small, are relying on FairfieldNodal for products, services and people prepared to help tackle any terrain and marine depth to find the critical data they need to succeed.

While we’re known for our vast multi-client library of offshore data in the Gulf of Mexico, which is where our business took off, we’re now taking that expertise onshore, to the revitalized regions of West Texas, and that is only the beginning.

Continuous research and development

At the heart of FairfieldNodal is a never-ending quest to go farther and do more. Our teams continue to refine and enhance everything that bears the FairfieldNodal name, from our true cable-free seismic acquisition systems and services to our processing and computing capabilities, bringing clients the most accurate seismic data possible, quickly, safely and reliably.