Decades of focused expertise

For over 30 years, FairfieldNodal has remained a strong and prosperous leader in the seismic industry by focusing on particular operational challenges, and then quietly going about the business of mastering them.

Beginning with our Telseis® system design, we set the standard in transition-zone seismic data collection three decades ago. As our recording systems evolved, we refined processing and computer technology to produce a uniquely FairfieldNodal product known as ZTechnology®, the result of which was our Gulf of Mexico Shelf 3D multi-client library, the industry’s premier database.

Today, our focus is nodes, the next great advance in seismic acquisition. And no one has more experience in this exciting and advantageous arena.

From acquisition and systems to processing and imaging to licensing, all of our experience comes together as ZNodal technology, a powerful arsenal of expertise, tools and services designed to meet today’s seismic challenges with speed, accuracy and efficiency.