Safer marine data acquisition, even in the tight spots

FairfieldNodal has decades of experience acquiring marine seismic data, beginning with our work in the shallow Gulf of Mexico, the basis of our premier multi-client database. Thanks to exclusive ZNodal technology, including our true cable-free marine systems, no one answers the call for safe, efficient, high-quality seismic acquisition in today’s difficult arenas like FairfieldNodal.

The FairfieldNodal fleet

FairfieldNodal operates our own fleet of source vessels to provide clients around the world with the necessary tools and services to properly image their infrastructure. Each vessel takes advantage of the latest technology available to automate routine tasks for added safety and crew efficiency. The newest addition to our fleet is a hybrid able to serve as both a source and a node-handling vessel.

All of our source vessels are SOLAS class and able to work anywhere in the world, towing either single- or dual-source arrays with volumes > 5000 cui.

We operate several node-handling vessels, also equipped with advanced automation features, including proprietary back-deck handling equipment, which greatly reduces man-hour exposure of our personnel to risk while increasing our work efficiency.