Nodal Advantages

FairfieldNodal takes you where OBC and streamers can’t.

Streamer acquisition makes perfect sense for many projects, but there are times when its logistical limitations in congested and/or obstructed waters hinder your decision-making ability. Our cable-free technology lets you capture high-quality data with full-azimuth illumination, almost anywhere.

The advantages of FairfieldNodal 2D, 3D, 4D and 4C acquisition

  • Longer offsets
  • Full and all-azimuth data
  • Unlimited record lengths
  • Continuous recording — reproduce time slices of any record length
  • Survey design flexibility — minimal gaps in coverage area
  • Streamlined passive-rope node-recovery system — eliminates leakage issues
  • Superior coupling and vector fidelity
  • Onboard QA/QC and data formatting