Z700 Acquisition Overview

Faster, better and far less expensive than conventional OBC

The Z700 system is entirely autonomous and cable free, a huge advantage when navigating the hazardous obstacles typically found in shallow-water transition zones. Rated to 700 meters, each 4C node comes with an exceptionally accurate clock and a new extended-life, lithium-ion battery. Years ahead of bulky, conventional systems, Z700 nodes constantly record seismic data from the source vessel, then are easily retrieved for data transfer, QC, recharging and redeployment.

With ease comes efficiency. The Z700 system requires smaller crews than a conventional OBC operation and only two vessels — one for node management, one for shooting.

Unlike OBC systems, these entirely autonomous nodes are easily deployed from the vessel. A high-tensile rope is used for a quick and efficient recovery. No awkward cable or defective connectors. No leakage, no troubleshooting or headaches. The Z700 system provides superior data with an operational and financial edge and proven 98%+ reliability.