Processing and Imaging

Exceptional people, resources and innovation

FairfieldNodal’s processing and imaging teams include highly trained processors, research geophysicists, research programmers and software development specialists, many with more than 30 years of industry experience.

What sets us apart is our ability to optimize ocean-bottom node data. From onboard QC through final image our proprietary technology ensures outstanding quality with specialized wavefield separation, noise reduction and multiple removal.

We are also well equipped to process conventional and multi-component data, with superior algorithms to produce the best available prestack time and prestack depth image.

Ongoing research and development

FairfieldNodal’s research and development efforts are relentless. We’re actively exploring the next generation of processing algorithms and the evolution of high-speed supercomputer and microprocessor technologies. And because our research and technical staff are completely engaged in production-processing issues, we are in an excellent position to provide software enhancements that are both evolutionary and revolutionary.

Our goal is to provide the oil and gas industry with risk-reducing solutions — hardware, software and human — to the exploration and production challenges of the new century.