Z700 Overview

The efficient alternative for marine acquisition

The Z700® marine nodal seismic data acquisition system can be used as an effective and efficient alternative to traditional acquisition systems in open seas or in obstructed areas. The Z700 system also allows you to take advantage of survey designs that enable longer offsets, richer azimuths and longer record lengths to produce a superior high-fold data set.

The flexibility of the Z700 nodal system allows the 4C nodes to be accurately placed on the sea floor anywhere from the shoreline to deeper waters, with the maximum receiver line distance desired. The nodes can be placed next to subsurface obstructions to ensure that holes in the data set are minimized.

Working with streamer-based systems in areas with obstructions is extremely difficult, forcing you to compromise data quality and accept large holes in your data sets. A typical towed streamer survey leaves a hole of many square kilometers around a surface obstruction. Traditional OBC systems are limited to being deployed in shallow water depths, as well as being limited in the number of active traces per receiver line, resulting in shorter offsets.

Each node operates autonomously, continuously recording data with practically 100% data integrity.

Great data for a lot less than OBC

The nodal design of the Z700 defines this revolutionary system, giving you outstanding flexibility and allowing you to record all of the quiet, high-quality data you need with confidence, even under the most adverse conditions. With no restrictions on the number of nodes deployed, the Z700 is perfectly suited for full-azimuth marine surveys. In shallow water depths, the Z700 nodes can be deployed from small vessels. While in waters greater than about 10 meters, a node-handling vessel may be equipped with an automated back deck handling system. The use of a strong passive rope ensures a quick and efficient recovery of the units from the sea floor.

The Z700 marine nodal system is available for sale worldwide.

A typical FairfieldNodal deployment

Trouble-free marine seismic

  • Easily positioned in and among obstructions – no gaps
  • Entirely self-contained – no external circuitry
  • No troubleshooting of spread
  • Greater productivity and channel capacity
  • Two-vessel operation – one node-handling vessel and one shooting vessel
  • Deployment and retrieval more efficient and faster than OBC
  • Requires half the crew of conventional OBC shoot
  • Quick, safe and easy retrieval via a passive recovery rope system
  • Simultaneous data download and battery recharging

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